The "on hold" notice frequently signifies that your cargo is no longer moving at all and is remaining stationary. Usually, a delay in the package's transit is to blame. Your cargo will show up as "on hold" if, for instance, a border between two countries is closed because DHL cannot pass it through.

Why My Shipment Is On Hold

How Long Will My Shipment Be On Hold Dhl

Your package may remain "on hold" until the strikes are over if it is being held back due to strikes. If traffic congestion is the cause of the delay, it will likely be resolved quickly. A hold often disappears after a week, according to standard procedure.

You might be confused about what to do if the status of your DHL shipment is "On Hold." Unfortunately, this message informs you that your delivery will be delayed and won't arrive as scheduled.

The "on hold" notice frequently signifies that your shipment is staying there and no longer moving at all. The most common cause is a delay in the package's trip. Your cargo will appear to be "on hold" if, for instance, a border between two countries is closed and DHL is unable to deliver it.

Your package may be “on hold” because of any of the following reasons:

  • concerns with port congestion
  • Route changes for shipping
  • lack of knowledge regarding the sender of the package
  • Inspection of the cargo by customs
  • lack of transportation (trucks, planes, ships)
  • a natural catastrophe, or even just unfavorable weather that causes delays
  • Social unrest or a strike
  • waiting for a neighborhood courier to pick up the box
  • Insufficient package documentation
  • a delay-causing holiday

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Why Is My Shipment On Hold Shein

If you trace your package and it appears to be on hold at the location, the receiver may have stopped accepting deliveries at that time. To find out if the business is open for deliveries, check with your receiver. When the recipient is once more available for deliveries, they will try again to deliver the package.

How Long Does Shipment On Hold Last?

Your package may just be delayed for a day or two before it starts moving forward again. However, some situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic, might exacerbate issues. There is a backlog because so many people rely on internet shopping and there aren't as many personnel available.

How Long Does DHL Clearance Event Take?

When a shipment with a DHL tracking number is in a clearance event, it is being processed at the customer, which could take up to 2 or 3 days.