To ship to an Amazon Locker, simply search for one near you on Amazon, add the address to your address book, and select that location during checkout in 2022. You'll be emailed a six-digit code after your package arrives at the Amazon Locker, which you'll need to enter at the Locker to retrieve your items.

How To Ship To Amazon Locker

Can I Ship Something To An Amazon Locker?

Amazon pickup is a global network of secure locations where you can pick up your Amazon packages. Instead of selecting home delivery, you can ship to a nearby Amazon Locker or Counter location and pick up your Amazon order whenever it is convenient for you. You can simply search on Google amazon locker near me.

Why Can't I Ship Something To An Amazon Locker?

There are some eligibility for Amazon hub locker and hub counter. The items that ship to a certain country is different from another country. Take a look at the following eligibility and find the answer why you can't ship to an Amazon locker. (here is the example the items ship to Turkey)

Amazon Hub Locker

If the following applies, your order is eligible for Locker delivery:

  • The shipping weight is less than 10 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
  • All items are sold or fulfilled by
  • The total value is less than $5,000.
  • The shipment contains no hazardous materials.
  • The order does not contain Subscribe & Save items.
  • The order does not contain items shipping from other countries.
  • The order does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery

Amazon Hub Counter

If the following applies, your order qualifies for delivery to an Amazon Hub Counter:

  • All items are sold or fulfilled by
  • Items do not exceed 33 lbs. or have dimensions larger than 36 (h) x 24 (l) x 24 (w) inches. Note: Some retail partners have limits that are more restrictive.
  • The order does not contain items that require special handling.
  • The order does not contain Subscribe & Save items.
  • The order does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery.
  • Be available for shipping within 24 hours. (For items that ship within 24 hours, look for a message similar to "Want this item by tomorrow? Order in the next 30 minutes" on the product detail page.)

How Do You Send A Package To A Locker?

Step 1: Deliver the package. Notify The UPS Store by phone or email that you would like your item(s) to be placed in a locker.

Step 2: Notification of Pickup. When your package is ready for pickup, we'll email you a locker code.

Step 3: Retrieve the package. To pick up your package at any time, enter your locker access code at the locker screen!

Can You Ship To A Locker?

Shipping a package to a parcel locker is usually not an option because the courier requires a delivery address. If your area is served by a parcel locker and no one is present at the address during the delivery, the courier will most likely leave your goods there.

Can You Use Amazon Locker For Non Amazon Packages

Amazon Hub Locker is available to all Amazon customers and accepts only Amazon packages. The Apartment Locker is only accessible to your residents; it is not open to the general public and accepts packages from anyone.

How Much Does It Cost for Amazon Lockers?

There are no additional fees associated with using an Amazon Locker, so you'll pay the regular shipping price if you're not a Prime member, and it's free for those who have Amazon Prime.

How Long Can Items Stay in Amazon Locker?

You only have three days to pick up your order from Amazon Locker, and if you don't, it will be returned to you and you will be refunded the money for the order.

Can Someone Else Pick up Your Package From Amazon Locker?

You can have someone else pick up your item from Amazon Locker, but they will need the six-digit code. As a result, you can simply send that person the email with the pickup code or a message with the code so that they can pick up the items for you.

How Can I Find My Amazon Locker Code?

If you did not receive an email/ a text message containing the Amazon Locker code, you must log into your Amazon account to obtain the six-digit code. Furthermore, within your Amazon account, go to the Amazon Message Center and look for a message indicating that your item is ready for pickup. Select that email, and you should see a six-digit code within that message, which you'll need to pick up your Amazon Locker items.

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